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Unauthorized copies of original products are an increasingly common occurrence as a result of opening-up frontiers and new distribution possibilities (e.g. the internet). Appropriate countermeasures are therefore essential. Rondo-Pak can employ all of the current , as well as proprietary, anti-counterfeit measures directly into your packaging design.

  • Overt Countermeasures
  • Covert Countermeasures
  • Taggants — Invisible and directly on the package
  • RFID
  • Unique solutions can be developed to meet you specific needs

One of our partners, AlpVision, has created a unique system focused 100% at the Pharmaceutical industry. This technology is called "Cryptoglyph" which can be invisibly incorporated into any existing packaging design. This Cryptoglyph technology is incorporated directly into the printing inks which are already being used. Detection does not need any special equipment. Consequently, this solution offers a very cost-effective and highly secure means of determining whether the package is authenticate or counterfeit.

AlpVision - Crytoglyph

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