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Compliance Packaging

Wallets vs. Bottles

  • Need for Patient compliance
    • New meds are more potent, requiring proper administration of drug
    • Titration and placebo regimens
    • Require patient to follow directions
  • Verification of dose
    • Package shows if dose has been taken
  • Patient instructions – Billboard space
    • Important instructions printed in sight
  • Increasing brand recognition
    • Better advertising than bottles
  • Green Packaging
    • Paperboard is environmentally friendly
  • Inbound shipping efficiency
    • Cardboard blanks are more space efficient to ship than empty bottles
  • Increased compliance means more sales
    • Studies show Pharma companies lose up to 3% of sales due to patients forgetting to take their doses

ShiftPak — Titration dosing, CR package
Titration dosing (dispense in order) in a Child Resistant package

ShiftPak- Compliance Packaging