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Sustainable / Green Packaging Solutions

Rondo-Pak is proud to offer a line of green packaging to not only protect our natural resources but to help lower your packaging costs. By partnering with Rondo-Pak we can design an environmentally friendly sustainable folding carton package to accommodate most or all of your products.

  • Package designs are mono-material for cartons and partitions - 100% paperboard
  • Packages are 100% recyclable without special handling
  • Significant reduction in overall package size and volume
    • Reduces packaging costs
    • Reduces storage and shipping cost
    • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Customer friendly opening and closing
  • "Clean" appearance after opening for greater appeal
  • Increased billboard space on the inside of the package
    • Clear, larger patient instruction to ensure compliance
  • No Blisters are needed for most of our proprietary packaging
    • Top Loading — NeoTOP & Box Wallets

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Sustainability Glossary of Terms