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Tamper Evidence and Efficiency

Rondo's folding box with tamper evidence features first opening verification through perforations in the closing lid and the dust flaps that rip off when the folding box is opened the first time. This solution has the great advantage of being realized solely by converting the carton which makes it completely independent from the use of additional materials such as glue or labels. In addition, the folding box remains recloseable at any time. This solution stands out as one of astonishing simplicity and efficiency. With the Rondo tamper evidence solution, machine speed will be maintained which guarantees an optimal OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of your packaging line.


  • The perforated areas in the dust flaps and the lid clearly indicate first opening of the folding box
  • Neither gluing nor labels are necessary for first opening verification
  • Packaging performance is unaltered
  • OEE is maintained and superior to solutions with glue or labels
  • Opening and reclosing is as easy as with conventional folding boxes
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